Cash Loan FAQ

MBC finance

Helping you to keep your head above water, by offering a personal cash loan.

What are the reasons my loan application can be declined?

  • You cannot afford the loan
  • You are under debt review
  • You are under administration
  • You are not permanently employed
  • You have been working for less than 6 months at your current employer
  • Your documents are fraudulent
  • Bad credit history (E.g. Too many Judgements)
  • We cannot find your company under any public listings or directories.

Are Blacklisted welcome?

  • Sometimes, the affordability and stability of the income are analysed.

How will I know if my loan application was approved?

  • Our consultants will contact you.

Do I need to meet with a consultant?

  • Fortunately, there is no need for you to ever come into our offices. Our entire service is online. All other communication will be done via FAX, EMAIL, or TELEPHONE. All our banking is done online, and repayments are made via a debit order.

How long will it take for my loan to be approved?

  • The amount of time your loan application will take to be approved is dependent upon you. Your application will be reviewed as soon as all your documents are made available to MBC Finance.

What do I do if my banking details change?

  • Inform us immediately. If our debit does not go through, your credit record will be affected, and this will affect your ability to apply for future loans and credit.

When can I speak to a consultant?

  • Monday to Friday between 8am and 4pm. Saturdays 8am – 11am.

How much can I borrow?

  • You can apply for any amount between R500 and R1000 the first time you apply at MBC Finance. However, if you are an existing client at MBC Finance and have built a trust profile with us -You may apply for a bigger amount over a longer term, provided that you can afford the loan.

For simple and hassle free online loans MBC Finance is the solution when it comes to short term loans, long term loans and payday loans.

MBC understands that we all need a bit of extra money sometimes and is here to assist our clients to get the most suitable loan Affordability assessments are done to make sure that our clients don’t get over indebted and thus giving you the freedom to take out a loan for whatever reason and still have the financial freedom of everyday life.