Lifesaver Money Loans for December

For many families December is a time of joy…and unfortunately a time of worry too! It is a time of joy for a number of reasons, firstly because of the school holidays and secondly because of Christmas and the promise that it holds. Parents may also be on vacation and “holiday time” means fun time – and “fun” costs money. It is a time of worry because of money obligations: how to buy Christmas gifts and how to treat kids over the holiday season? With a fast payday money loan or cash loan option from MBC Finance, these obligations can certainly ease off significantly.

We at MBC Finance understand the need for fast cash and we can finance small loans from as little as R500 to as much as R2000; this might be just the kind of money you need to ‘tide’ you over during this festive period. With a new school year around the corner, children might need new clothing as they are still growing and for new sporting codes; there is also the need for certain types of stationary not to mention the ever present school fees. The MBC Finance money loan can give you a welcome start to the expenses that the New Year brings.

Apply for the quick money loan in one of two ways: you can phone us or you can complete the application form online and a MBC Finance consultant will call you back. Within 24 hours the money will be in your bank account. Now, what can be easier than that? Just what you need for the additional Christmas expenses! Christmas is a time for family and when you need to accommodate family members from afar, you will know that the small loan will carry you until the next payday.

A money loan from MBC Finance is useful and caters for your individual needs. When you are blacklisted or do not have a good credit record, we will also be there for you and assist with available credit alternatives. We also offer slightly longer and short term personal loan options. The loans are convenient and do not require unnecessary paperwork or frustrating telephone calls! Call us today for professional and efficient assistance.

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