Create cash flow with micro loans

Get on track, release cash flow


Cash flow with MBC

You know that you got money coming in, perhaps you have just closed a deal.
However the bills are also coming in and you have to stay afloat! 

This might be the point when you turn to your local bank!?
You got a job and you know that you need money for a limited time, but the bank turns you away, for some reason or another.

We understand how important cash flow is for you right now. This might be to secure your finances for yourself and your family! MBC finance offers fast PayDay Loan and can get you fast cash flow with micro loans from R 500 – R 2 000 to save your day.

Short or long term loans with MBC finance

We all need a little bit of help sometimes, by applying for a micro loan, you can keep your head above water.
Apply for short term loans or compare the difference between having a long term loan right here on our website.

Learn how to apply for a Micro Loan with MBC finance, we have made the process easy to understand and with our new Loan Calculator you can see the total repayment straight away.

Want to know more about loans and ease up your cash flow!

We have created a FAQ page, to ensure you have all the facts before you apply for your small cash loan.
The process of applying for a loan online and the money is transferred to your account within 24 hours, once approved.

MBC finance is a member of and follows the guidelines of National Credit Regulators.