Loans – Understanding The Online Process

Simplicity In Obtaining Online Cash

Obtaining loans has been made simpler and more convenient than ever before – You can now so easily apply for Online Loans using the Internet. In South Africa, there is an exponential increase in Growth of Creditors who are willing to assist individuals who are otherwise declined by Banks and larger Credit Institutions, MBC Finance is one of them.

MBC Finance offers a fully Online Loaning Process, a service designed for those Individuals who are on the move and do not have the time to physically go into institutions to apply for Loans. There is also no need for our Clients to make payments manually, as we deduct payment off the Individual’s Bank Account via the NuPay Naedos Debit System, making it convenient and hassle free for our Clients.

Safety In Borrowing

However, consumers should always take care to borrow responsibly, and from an accredited and Registered Financial Provider at all times. Online Loans can be simple to obtain, but it should also always be practiced with caution. There are multiple individuals posing as Micro Lenders on popular advertising sites, luring potential borrowers. It is therefore of utmost importance that one should always check that the Institution has a Nation Credit Regulator Registration Number, and have the Number or the Company Name verified with The National Credit Regulator. This simple act can save you from being scammed.

Our Services

Our Online Loans are for those days that an extra expense is run into, from Car Repairs to Medical and Vet Bills, as our Online Loans range from R500-R4000 for our first time clients. This amount is increased based on an Individual’s Payment Profile (Prompt payment of their Loans) with MBC Finance. We also offer a continued Pay Day Loans Service – For those individuals who are looking for a little bit of extra cash until the next Pay Day.


By: Jerusha Ramchunder